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It’d make for a great story to tell you that I’ve always dreamt of becoming a photographer. The truth is my passion started with a camera on a cell phone. 4 years ago I decided to purchase some real photography equipment and began researching all that I could. 

Today I can proudly call myself a full time portrait photographer, with multiple publishings and even a few international wedding awards. I love to capture, not just what someone looks like, but explain who they are through quality photographs. I am dedicated to providing my clients with a personalized and unique experience. 

I am located in Southern Indiana just minutes across the bridge from Louisville, Kentucky. (Go Cards!) I spend my spare time with my two beautiful daughters, Piper and Lettie. My girls were a part of my inspiration when deciding to pursue photography. We can never seem to document enough memories. 

It is a great feeling to be able to give my clients timeless heirlooms that can be held on to forever. I am always excited to try new ideas and collaborate with others. I’d love to be the one to help you capture your memories.


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